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Accurate third party verification of a cards condition and the reasoning behind the grade

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Cards graded by KOBA are protected in a sturdy, tamperproof, collectible case design

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Your cards will be graded and shipped back within the selected turnaround time

Canadian Trading Card Company

Grade with a company designed and specialized for Trading Card Games

Grading FAQ
$15/card for 45 business days turnaround


  • 45 business days turnaround
  • Card Grading
  • Card Encapsulation
  • Fully Trackable
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$40/card for 10 business days turnaround


  • 10 business day turnaround
  • Card Grading
  • Card Encapsulation
  • Fully Trackable
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Introducing KOBA Bounty Cards!

Bounty Cards are a KOBA Grading Initiative, find out which cards have bounties placed on their heads. The first determined collectors to grade these cards in the specified grades will recieve a KOBA Grading trophy card. No applying for a bounty required, as this is automatically tracked by KOBA Grading. Good luck and claim those bounties!

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How to get your cards graded in Canada and US

  1. Create an account

    Account setup is fast and does not require extraneous information
  2. Create a card submission

    Submissions are simple with no hidden features
  3. Ship your cards to KOBA

    We provide a shipping process to ensure your cards arrive safely
  4. Your card is graded, slabbed and shipped

    Grading within our guaranteed turnaround times
  5. Track the entire process

    You will feel safe and secure knowing where your cards are at all times

"KOBA Grading delivers where other companies fail to recognize. Accountability, customer service, professionalism, and an overall 'stress-free' process."

Alex Peavey
Owner of Pokedebt

Avoid the frustration of having no option but to wait it out for your cards to be graded and protected

We understand the frusturation which is why we took all our TCG experience and now offer card grading in Canada

  • Experience grading thousands of cards
  • Trading Card Game experts
  • Increase in card value from an ungraded card to a graded card
  • Card protection
  • Affordable grading
  • Guaranteed turnaround times
  • Canadian based and incorporated company

KOBA Card Grading FAQ

KOBA provides precise, dependable, and consistent grading of your cards. With KOBA, our transparent process always keeps you informed as to what stage your cards are in.

KOBA’s core team and operations are located in Edmonton, Canada. We have been passionate collectors and card graders for the last decade and apply that same passion to our work.

KOBA has a grading standards guideline to provide consistent and accurate grading.

KOBA is a Canadian incorporated company (located in Edmonton, Alberta) capable of providing accurate grading services for your TCG needs.

Grading gives an unbiased third-party verification on the condition of the card. Third-party verification allows for an accurate price to reflect your cards increasing value. Grading also provides added protection for your card.

Please view our recently graded cards to see pictures of our slabs!

We currently do not grade sports cards; we are currently focusing on TCGs which is what we specialize in.

We do! We do encapsulate altered cards by Artists. These cards will be given a “NG” designation.

No, we do not, the price you see is the price you will receive!

About KOBA Grading

At KOBA Grading we know that you want your cards graded and protected so they can be sold or enjoyed. In order to do that, you need your cards graded quickly. We understand how frustrating and concerning it is when your card grading takes over a year, that is why we are taking all our TCG experience and providing professional grading services.

We understand the frustration with waiting which is why we took all our TCG experience and now offer card grading in Canada.

Here’s how we do it:

  1. Create an account
  2. Create a card submission
  3. Ship your cards to KOBA
  4. Cards are graded, encapsulated and shipped
  5. Track the entire process

Stop waiting for your cards to be graded in someone else’s backlog and get your cards graded today!

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