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Koba Grading Process

KOBA provides precise, dependable, and consistent grading of your cards. With KOBA, our transparent process always keeps you informed as to what stage your cards are in.

1. Create an account

  • Quick and easy registration.
  • Shipping information stored for future submissions.
  • No payment information is required to register.

2. Create A Submission

  • Massive database of trading cards to assist with efficiently submitting cards.
  • Convenient drop-down menu that simplifies the submission process.
  • KOBA will correct the name of the card if submitted incorrectly.

3. Prepare your cards

  • Click here for our shipping recommendations.
  • Cards are to be submitted in semi rigids as top loaders allow a lot of movement potentially damaging the cards.
  • Bubble wrap is your friend! Avoid shipping damage by adequately packaging and securing your shipment.

4. Ship your cards to KOBA

  • Confirm the correct shipping address:
    Koba Grading Company Ltd.
    2300 – 10004 104 Avenue NW
    Edmonton AB T5J 0K1
  • All shipments from the U.S. are required to declare the package as “repair/return”.
  • Consider purchasing shipping insurance from your shipper, as these are your valued cards!

5. Cards are received by KOBA

  • Once the cards are received, they are cross-referenced with your submission for accuracy and name description.
  • KOBA will identify missing or mis-identified cards and will notify you immediately of any discrepancy and name change.
  • After the cards are confirmed, you will receive an invoice for payment of the grading fees.
  • When payment is received, the cards will be moved to the grading queue.

6. Grading Process

  • Card submissions are then graded on a 10-point scale based on 4 categories.
    • Corners
    • Edges
    • Surface
    • Centering
  • Lions will be given determined based on the cards final grade
    • Silver: 8.5 and below
    • Gold: 9.0-10
    • Onyx: Immaculate 10’s (all 10 subgrades)

7. Transparent Process

  • KOBA’s entire process is trackable by you. You will always know where your cards are in our process.
  • You will be notified via email of any status updates.

Good Luck and let’s go Onyx Lion Hunting!

Avoid the frustration of having no option but to wait for your cards to be graded and protected

We understand the frustration, so that is why we started KOBA Grading.

  • Experienced and trained graders
  • Trading Card Game experts
  • Increase in card value from an ungraded card to a graded card
  • Card protection
  • Affordable grading
  • Guaranteed turnaround times
  • Canadian based and incorporated company
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