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Redress Collectible Coverage

Why Insure?

  • For your sports memorabilia and other collectibles, homeowners insurance usually doesn’t go far enough.
  • For everyday, easily replaced personal property, homeowners insurance is everything most people need. But for prized possessions you may have spent a lifetime collecting, it usually doesn’t go far enough. Here’s why:
    Homeowners policies in general:*
    • Base your collection on the actual cash value and not its current market value.
    • May limit your coverage to a percentage of your home’s total value (usually 50% - 70%).
    • May not cover losses caused by floods, hurricanes, or earthquakes.
    • May have limited or no coverage for collectibles like cards, memorabilia, coins, stamps, etc.
  • *Homeowners coverage varies and this may not be reflective of your homeowners coverage

Reasons to consider Collectibles Insurance Services:

  • Providing comprehensive coverage for the market value of your collection.
  • Assists in maintaining your own documentation and valuables inventory.
  • You may pay less than a comparable homeowners policy for all items covered.
  • Coverage for collections is provided at your location, and may be provided at exhibitions and during transit.
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